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On the Mass Update Graduation Status form, the Setup and Load Students tab is used to select the options for verifying whether the students have met the Graduation Requirements required by the state and by your school. The tab displays four sections of potential Graduation Status parameters: Graduation RequirementsCommunity ServiceCompetency Tests, and User-Defined.

Graduation Requirements  

Under Graduation Requirements, the State Graduation Requirements options are required to run the Mass Update Graduation Status process, so they can not be de-selected. 

The State Graduation Requirement options include verifying the Credits Completed and the Algebra I requirement. 

The next two checkboxes are optional. If the Include Credits Enrolled In checkbox is checked, courses in which the student is currently enrolled will be included to determine if the student has met the credits completed graduation requirements. If the Include Inactive Students checkbox is checked, inactive students will be included in the list of students to be updated.

Fill in the Graduation Date for your students, if needed. This date will be loaded into the Date Graduated (STU.DG) field when the student records are updated, so it is a required field. A warning will display if Load Students is pressed and Graduation Date is blank. The date will default to the last date in the calendar, but can be changed. If you change the Graduation Date, click Save Setup to save the change. Save Setup can be used at any time to save the selected options.

Community Service  

If Community Service Hours are required for graduation, check the Verify Community Service Hours (from ACT) check box. The Community Service fields will be displayed and should be selected according to your school's requirements. 

Activities (ACT) records can be limited by date, using the Optional Start date and a Optional End date fields. The date fields are optional, but if limiting by date range is needed, both fields must be filled in. If filled in, the student's activity Start Date (ACT.SD) and End Date (ACT.ED) must fall within the Optional Start and Optional End dates under Community Service, in order to count for the student's Community Service Hours.

If no dates are filled in, all selected ACT records will be assessed, regardless of date. 

Fill in the total number of Hours Needed and click the checkboxes to select any Codes that should count for Community Service. Each student's hours for the Activity Codes selected will be totaled and compared to the number of Hours Needed, in order to determine if the student fulfills the Community Service requirement. If Verify Community Service Hours is checked and Load Students is pressed, but Hours Needed is blank, a warning message will pop up that Hours Needed must be populated to verify Community Service Hours.

The Codes displayed are the entire list from ACT.  To only display selected Codes, check the Only show selected items checkbox.

Competency Tests

If a student is required to take and pass a Competency Test in order to graduate, check the Verify Competency Tests check box and the Competency Test fields will display. Check the box(es) to select all Tests that should be included. Check the box(es) to select all Passing Grade codes that indicate the Competency Test was passed.

Competency Test titles can be set at the school level, on the Transcript Definition page's Optional Areas tab. Competency Test grades are recorded on a student's Demographics page on the Student Data 2 tab. Any grade recorded for a student on Student Data 2 will be displayed as a potential Passing Grade for Mass Update Graduation Status.

If the Mass Update Graduation Status process is being run at the District level, any Competency Tests validated should be defined at the District level. When the process is run at the District level for multiple schools, the Competency Tests definitions must be the same for all of the schools. If the definitions are not defined at the District level, or schools have different Competency Test definitions, the following warning will appear and Competency Tests can not be verified at the District level:


User-Defined Graduation Requirements  

If any Graduation Requirements are stored in another table within Aeries, click to select the Verify User-Defined Requirement check box and potential User-Defined Requirement options will be displayed. From the dropdowns, select the specific Table, Field, comparison Symbol, and Value that is required for graduation.

In the example above, the Career Pathways Completer requirement (CPW.CM) of completed (1) is set. The Mass Update Graduation Status process will check to see if each 12th grader is a Career Pathways completer.

Load Students  

After all options have been selected, click the Save Setup button. The setup should be saved before you load students. Additionally, the selected parameters will be retained for the next time the process is run.

Under the tabs, a notice displays about the option settings:

When Save Setup, is pressed, selected parameters are saved in the OPT table, by school. If the parameters are selected and saved at the district level, they will apply to all of the schools selected when the process is run from the district.

After the parameters have been saved, click the Load Students button at the bottom of the Set Up tab to load the students.

Once Load Students has been pressed, a Loading graphic will display at the top of the Set Up tab to indicate that Aeries is processing the data. 

When the Loading symbol disappears, click on the Review Summary tab to see the list of students and their Graduation Status parameters. The Review Summary tab will display the parameters selected on Setup and will total for students who met (or did not meet) the requirements. See the Review Summary documentation for more details.

The third button at the bottom of the Set Up form is Reports.

Click on the Reports button to choose from the Graduation Related Reports:  Seniors Lacking Graduation Credit by Subject, Graduation Status List by Student, and Graduation Status Report by Student. These reports are only available from the school level.