The Monthly Summary Report is grouped by Student Program (STU.SP) and/or any Attendance Program (STU.AP1 STU.AP2) entered on the Demographics page for students.  When running the Monthly Summary Report, the report calculates the totals by the various program groups.  

For additional information, click here:  Monthly Summary Report

The Monthly Summary Report is a cumulative report.  Each month, the Monthly Summary Report calculates the school's ADA and updates the totals from the prior month's calculations.  If any changes are made to attendance in a prior attendance month, the Monthly Summary Report must be rerun and the YTD must be recalculated so that the ADA total calculations are updated and reflect accurately.

In the example below, the totals in the summary pertain to the Regular Education students only.  A summary of ADA calculations is provided in the Monthly Summary Report for each Student Program (STU.SP) and/or Attendance Program (STU.AP1 STU.AP2) placement at the school.