The Monthly Attendance Summary details attendance totals by grade and program.  

For more information, see:  How is the Monthly Summary Report data calculated?

The Monthly Summary Report is a cumulative report.  Each month, the Monthly Summary Report calculates the school's ADA and updates the totals from the prior month's calculations.  If any changes are made to attendance in a prior attendance month, the Monthly Summary Report must be rerun and the YTD must be recalculated so that the ADA total calculations are updated and reflect accurately.

From the Reports navigation tree, search for Monthly Attendance Summary.

From the drop down menu select appropriate attendance month.  The Monthly Attendance Summary Report is a cumulative report.  If an attendance change is made in a prior attendance month, all subsequent attendance monthly reports must be rerun to update the year-to-date totals.  Check the checkbox to Recompute YTD Information so that the data will be recalculated for the month.  And rerun any subsequent attendance months to ensure proper ADA calculations. Once report options have been selected, click the Run Report button.

Below is an example of the Monthly Attendance Summary Report.