The Monthly Attendance Summary page provides options for printing the Monthly Attendance Summary report and/or for recalculating the attendance totals listed in the report. This attendance data is used for ADA reporting and is the basis for many other attendance reports. Care should be taken with the options on this page, so that the totals are only recalculated when necessary. 

Note:  The Monthly Attendance Summary is a cumulative report. In other words, the totals at the end of each month are the starting points for the next month. If any changes are made to attendance, the Monthly Attendance Summary must be rerun and the data must be recalculated, for every attendance month when data changed and for every month after the changed month.

The Monthly Attendance Summary report details attendance totals by grade and program. The Monthly Attendance Summary's data is stored in the YTD (Year to Date Attendance) table. The report is available at the school level for an individual school, and at the district level, where multiple schools can be selected. 

Filter Reports by "monthly attendance summary" or navigate to Reports > Attendance > Monthly Attendance Summary. The Monthly Attendance Summary is also available from the View All Reports page in the Attendance category.

Printing the Monthly Attendance Summary

To print the Monthly Attendance Summary, select the appropriate month from the Print For Which Month dropdown. Make sure that the Recompute YTD Information checkbox is not checked. 

Note:  if the Recompute YTD Information checkbox is checked, the report will recalculate the data in YTD based on currently existing attendance data.

If your district uses attendance programs (AP1 and AP2), the report will provide totals based on them. If you do not want to group by attendance programs, check the Ignore AP1 and AP2 checkbox. 

Check the Print Legal size for Unv Abs and I.S. checkbox if the report should include columns for Unverified Absences, Incomplete Independent Studies, and Complete Independent Studies attendance data. In order to add these three columns, the report will be printed in Legal size. 

Press the Run Report button. 

Note: When downloaded as a PDF, the Monthly Attendance Summary and the Monthly Attendance Summary No YTD will open as a secure document in Adobe Acrobat. This extra layer of security is intended to prevent the editing of critical PDF documents.

Above the Run Report button, a blue information box displays which attendance months' data totals have already been created and recorded in YTD. 

In the above example, the Monthly Attendance Summary has been run for attendance months 1 and 2, so either of those months can be printed without recalculation/recomputing. Any other attendance month (3, 4, 5, 6, etc.) would need to be recomputed or recalculated before that month's report could be printed. If YTD records do not exist for a particular month, and that month is selected to print, a popup will display a warning "No information is available to print on your report."

Computing/Calculating Monthly Attendance Summary Data

To calculate Monthly Attendance Summary data, select which month to print from the Print For Which Month dropdown and check the Recompute YTD Information checkbox. A red warning box and an additional checkbox will be displayed.

If Recompute YTD Information is checked and Print for Which Month is set to attendance month 1, then all YTD records will be deleted and YTD data will be recalculated for month 1. Additionally, month 1's report will be printed. 

If Recompute YTD Information is checked and Print for Which Month is set to any other attendance month (other than month 1), YTD records will be recomputed only for the selected month. The report will be printed for the selected month.

If Recompute YTD Information is checked and Re-run ALL Months up to the selected month is checked, then all YTD records will be deleted and YTD data will be recomputed for the months before and including the selected month. Reports for months before and including the selected month will be emailed to you. A popup will require confirmation to proceed:

Click OK to continue or Cancel to abandon the process. Once OK is clicked, a yellow information box confirms that all YTD records will be deleted and that the reports will be emailed to you. 

If the option to Re-run ALL Months up to the selected month is selected, safeguards have been put in place to prevent the process from being re-started before the previous processing is completed. A red information box will be displayed if the page is refreshed before the process is completed:

The report may be reset by pressing the Reset Report button, but in order to guarantee valid data in the YTD table and on the Monthly Attendance Summary, it should be allowed to finish. 

Below is an example of the Monthly Attendance Summary.