This error occurs when no course section is reported for a teacher.  

Do not address ANY CERT errors until after the Fall 2 submission (SDEM, SASS, CRSE and SCSE) files have been posted with few to no errors.  Most CERT errors are caused by file extracts that have not yet been posted error-free or from data that has not been correctly populated in Aeries.


Every teacher (TCH) record for teachers who taught on Information Day must have a Staff ID populated.  

  • Confirm that the Staff ID is linked on the teacher record.  
  • Confirm that the Staff record is associated to the correct school (STF.PSC).
  • If the teacher is in a non-classroom based teaching assignment, confirm that the job assignment has been correctly populated.
  • If not teaching assignment is appropriate for support instruction, submit a record with the 3020 (Support/Consultation) course code.