When the template is complete, it can be pushed to the current set up by using the Push to SBE icon. The following will display. 

The Card Type can be entered or left blank for the default.  The Overwrite existing card type option will allow a new template to overwrite an existing Standards Based Setup (SBE table) Card Type.  

If the report card type exists in the Standards Based Setup (SBE table) and the Overwrite existing card type option is NOT selected, the following message will display:

Either the option to overwrite the existing report card type needs to be selected, or a new Card Type  and a new Title must be entered to import the template.  A confirmation message will display after the import completes.

Report Card Type codes and descriptions are stored in the STU.RC field and can be modified on the Update Code Table page.

NOTE: A grade level must have a Default Report card before any other Report Card Types can be saved for that grade level.