Open File

Clicking on the Save Template icon will display the Save Template popup page. 

Standard Based Report Cards Template - Save icon

  •  Name – when creating a new template, the Name will be blank. Enter the template name.
  •  Type – the Portrait format is supported at this time. 
  •  Grade – the grade will default to the selected grade and cannot be changed.

When saving a template that was imported from Standards Based Setup (SBE), the template name will contain “(Imported)” in the name. The name can be changed.

Standard Based Report Cards Template - Save an imported template

If the Home icon is clicked before the template is saved or a Print Preview is made, the following message will display. Click on Save and Exit to save the changes or Exit to exit the page without saving.

Standard Based Report Cards Template - Save before leaving page message

Open File  

After templates have been saved, the Open File icon provides more functions.

Standard Based Report Cards Template - Open File icon and options

The Open File popup will display the template Name, Grade level, Type (currently only Portrait is supported) and Last Update date.

  • Open icon – will open the selected template
  • Copy icon – will copy the existing template to another template in the same grade or in another grade level.  The Name and Grade can be changed on the Copy Template window prior to clicking on the Copy button.

Standard Based Report Cards Template - Copy a template example

  • Delete icon – will delete the template from both the Standards Based Templates (SBS) table and the Standards Based Template Details (SBD) table. A confirmation message will display. Use the Delete with caution.

Standard Based Report Cards Template - Delete Template message