In the new database, prior to assigning students to teachers all changes must be made and all new teachers must be added. After all teachers are setup students can be assigned to teachers.  These functions are performed using the Update options at the bottom of the form.

There MUST always be a teacher number 0.  Also if a teacher number already exists DO NOT assign this teacher number to another teacher once established.  If the Teacher assigned has changed, MOVE the students to a new teacher number.

Teacher Assignment

Navigate to the School Info/Teacher page.

The Teacher Data form will display and can store information about the teacher.

If students were assigned a Next Teacher in last year’s database and the Copy Next Teacher to Teacher option was selected when the new database was created, the students will automatically be assigned to their new teacher during the rollover. 

Students can also be assigned to classes at the beginning of the year or when creating new classes.  It is important to try and assign Teacher numbers in a meaningful way.  Aligning grade levels and teacher numbers can make a difference in the way a report prints and can make it easier to read the report.  

A suggestion is to have the last digit of the teacher number be the grade level and first digit be the teacher number.  For example: Teacher number 903 would be teacher number 90 for grade level 3.  Some schools create a Teacher called “Grade...” for each grade level.  “Grade 3” is where all third graders are placed for assignment, etc.  Then they are mass moved to the correct teacher.  

See:  Elementary Classroom Scheduling:  How are students assigned to teachers for the next school year?

Teacher Assignment – Find Students Button

In Aeries, the following search box will display when the Find Students button is used. Students can be filtered by student ID, name, or number. The student list can also be set to show all students which will include both active and inactive students.

Teacher Assignment – Move Options

The Teachers form can be utilized to select students and move them to a different teacher.

To move ALL students assigned to a teacher, select the new teacher number the students will be moving to and enter the teacher number in the New Teacher box.  Click the mouse on Button 1 and a Yes/No message will display.  Verify that the correct teacher has been selected and click the mouse on the Yes button.

To move students to a particular teacher and particular grade level, type the new teacher number the students will be moving to in the New Teacher box and the grade level in the box to the right of Button 2.  Click the mouse on Button 2 to move the students and a message will display. If correct, click the mouse on the Yes button.  The students in the grade selected will move to the new teacher.

To move select students in Aeries, select the students by clicking the mouse on the box under the Move column. 

Select the new teacher number that the students will move to by using the dropdown in the New Teacher field.

Click the mouse on Button 3 to move the tagged students only.  A message will display.  If all students have been selected correctly, click the mouse on the OK button.