To use A/B Day scheduling, the Utilize A/B Days option must be set in School Options to indicate you are using A/B Day Scheduling.

For more information about Block and Bell Scheduler procedures, see the following documentation:  Block and Bell Scheduler Procedures.

The Master Schedule and the Scheduling Master Schedule forms have a Split Term field that is used to indicate the days that the section meets. Applicable choices are “A DAYS”, “B DAYS”, and “DAILY”.

After the school calendar has been created, the Block Schedule Calendar form is used to indicate which school days are A Days and which school days are B Days.  

Add A and B codes for the first two weeks of school, then click on the Repeat First Two Weeks AB Days button. Alternatively, complete these steps to repeat just the first week of A and B days, if appropriate.  

A message box will open asking you to verify you wish to repeat the AB days throughout the rest of the year.  Click on the Save Bell Periods button to save.  

This will complete the A/B Day pattern through the end of the school year.  School Holidays are not skipped and may need to be manually configured.