Session Description

In “Academic Plans for Students”, participants will learn how to effectively utilize the Academic Plan tool to enhance their graduation and college readiness rates. The course will cover essential topics such as security permissions, configuration of course sequences, course request packets, portal options, and academic plan options.   

Session Content

In this session, participants will:  

  • Identify and differentiate between the different views of the Academic Plan, including Graduation View, UC View, CSU View, and Endorsements 

  • Describe the three methods that counselors can use to add courses to Academic Plans, and explain how students can view, create, and update their own plans in the Student Portal 

  • Discuss the process of reviewing and approving student-built Academic Plans, including the necessary steps and considerations 

  • Utilize the Graduation and College Readiness Dashboard to monitor important indicators such as predicted graduation status, UCCSU readiness, and endorsement completion 

  • Summarize the key tools and strategies necessary to stay on track for graduation and achieve college and career readiness 

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