The Record Access Log is available for districts to track or log school related matters.  The Record Access Log is a good option to use for tracking or logging student records (cums) that have been requested, received, sent or accessed at a school. 

From the Pages navigation tree, search for Record Access Log.

In the example below, Ryan Pacheco is new to the school and a cum was requested by the office.  In the Record Access Log, click Add New Record.

A window will open with the following fields:  Date, Name, Reason, Circumstances and Records Accessed. Districts determine how to use these fields. 

A suggested use is as follows:

  • Date - This field will default to the current day.  Enter the date that the cum was requested, received, sent or accessed.
  • Name - Use this field to identify the school that the student's cum was requested from, received from, accessed from or sent to.  Typically the school name, city and state is sufficient.  If a district needs to pursue contacting a school, a quick Web search will produce the phone number and full address.
  • Reason - Use this field to indicate the action taken:  req (requested), recd (received), sent or viewed.
  • Circumstances - Consider this field as a notes field.  For example, if a cum is sent through a county routing routing truck and not mail, the entry could be "County Truck". 
  • Records Accessed - Log who is making the entry.

In the example below, a cum was requested for Ryan Pacheco from his former school.  Click the Disk Icon to save the record.

The following record will display:

When the cum is received, either add a new record indicating when it is received or update the current record by changing the "req" to "recd".  The district can establish data entry procedures for example, Once a cum is received, should a record reflect when it was ordered?  To open and update the current record, click the Pencil Icon.  In the example below, the Date and Reason fields were updated from the original entry.

Or, a new record could have been added.  Records are listed by most current Date order.

If a student is leaving, the district can document where the cum was sent. In example below: 

  1. Megan Padilla enrolled in Golden Eagle School as 5th grader.  The secretary, NOlson, received her cum from Kennedy Elementary on August 20, 2013.
  2. On June 15, 2014, NOlson sent Megan's cum to Bald Eagle Intermediate.  Megan matriculated to another school within the same school district.
  3. On June 10, 2017, MSmith sent Megan's cum to Screaming Eagle High.  Megan matriculated to another school within the same school district.
  4. On January 3, 2018, SProw sent Megan's cum to Roosevelt High.

Maintaining a Record Access Log assists in tracking cums by providing documentation of where and when records were sent.  Using the Record Access Log eliminates the need for cum information to be documented on paper logs or spreadsheets.  Since the Record Access Log follows the student, the information is easily accessible and can be queried.  If a school wants a spreadsheet of the cum data for each school year, run the following query - remembering to update the RAL.DT field for the appropriate school year.