This report is meant to find potential period attendance submission errors by teachers.  It can be used to verify attendance anomalies and will produce a Single Period Absence Report which can be used for attendance audit verification.

From the Reports navigation tree, search for Period Absence Audit.

The options menu is extensive and this report can take up to 15 minutes to complete.  Limiting the date range and options will produce faster results.  Running this report on a weekly basis assists with reasonable management of period attendance data.  

The options, as displayed below, will search for anomalies in teacher attendance entry.  The report is searching for students who were absent and then present at the end of the day or vice versa.  Selecting inactive students during the date range ensures that any attendance anomalies will also be resolved for students who may have withdrawn recently from school.  Once report options have been selected, click the Run Report button.  

In the results below, teacher Alvarado has marked Kristen Brahs present during period 4.  Yet her attendance reflects that she was unexcused for periods 1, 2, 3 and 5.  With this information, the teacher can be contacted to confirm and verify if the student was in class for 4th period.

An easy way to have the teacher verify the attendance is to rerun the report with the following options:

The Period Absence Audit Report will produce checkboxes for the teacher to verify the student's attendance.  On the bottom of the page is a verification statement and signature line.  When signed, this can be included with the monthly attendance reporting period documentation as verification that the student did attend school and validates ADA for the student.

Limit to a Single Period Present is another valid option for the Period Absence Audit Report.  With this option selected, the report will search for students who were absent in all but one period.

In the results below, the Athletic Director has marked students present during 6th period yet the students were absent during the school day.

The Present at Start of Day, then Absent option will print students who were present during their first period of the day, followed immediately by at least two absences. 

In the example below, the students were marked present during their first periods, then were immediately absent for the next two periods.