The Analytics Indicators can be manually recalculated to update the number and percentage of the students that were above, below, or met the Dashboard Items configuration.  An option to set up a nightly process that will recalculate all totals for the dashboards is also available. 


The Process All Indicators button on the Item Definitions Summary Data page will update ALL Analysis Indicators. The Process Current Indicator button will update only the Analytic Indicator selected and displayed. 

Update Indicators screenshot

Note: It can take a long time to process all indicators, so it is generally recommended to reserve this for the nightly processing rather than during the school day unless there is a specific need.

Once the Indicators are recalculated, summary totals will display. Clicking on the icon next to a summary total will display all students associated in that percentage.

Display of Summary totals

Display of Summary totals 2

The nightly process to update all indicators is accessible under Aeries Analytics > Configs/Functions > Analytics System Config node on the navigation. As the indicators are updated each night, the system will automatically process all of the Analytic Indicators and determine student qualifications for each indicator. Totals and summaries are generated. This nightly processing allows the system to display information very quickly and efficiently on the dashboards the next day.

Analytics System Config Menu screenshot

To turn on nightly processing click on Update Nightly Processing Information. When enabled the process will start at midnight. 

Analytics System Config Update Nightly Processing Information button

After the button has been selected the Updating Indicators Nightly message will change from No to Yes Database Connection Information Set and a Disable Nightly Processing option will appear. The Disable Nightly Processing button can be used to turn off the nightly processing.