At-Risk Indicator Configuration 

The At-Risk Indicators Configuration page allows districts to define a set of At-Risk indicators to help identify students who are at risk. After the indicators are configured and updated, the individual student At-Risk status for the indicator can be viewed on the Student At-Risk Indicators page to assist in monitoring the student status.

The At-Risk Indicators Configuration page can be found under Aeries Analytics > Configs/Functions in the navigation menu. 


At-Risk indicator information is stored in the ARC table. Appropriate permissions to the ARC table need to be given to users through Security to be able to use the At-Risk configuration page. 

The Student At-Risk Indicators data is stored in the ARI table. Users need to be granted appropriate permissions to the Student At-Risk Indicators (ARI) security area in order to utilize the page.

At-Risk Indicator Security permissions screenshot

At-Risk Indication Configuration (ARC)Read
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Update an At-Risk Indicator
Delete an At-Risk Indicator
Student At-Risk Indicators ( ARI)Read
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Delete a student At-Risk Indicator


To add a new At Risk indicator click on the Add Indicator button.

Add new At Risk Indicator page

The following Add Indicator window will display. Fill in the appropriate information.

Add new At Risk Indicator options page

  • Code (ARC.CD) - This is required. The Code used to identify the At-Risk indicator. The code can be up to 6 characters. 
  • Short Description (ARC.SDE) - This is required. Add a short description about the indicator code.
  • Status (ARC.ST) - Active or Inactive. An indicator marked with a status of Inactive will not update the student at risk status for that indicator. 
  • Analytics Indicator (ARC.LAR) - The drop down list pulls from existing item definitions in the District Analysis Indicators (DAI) table. 
  • Analytics At-Risk Levels - This is required. Specify which levels should be considered as at-risk.
  • Update Frequency (ARC.UF) - The selection made for the indicator determines how often it will be updated. The available options include: Nightly for all students, On Demand or Manually Flagged. If Manually Flagged is selected there will be no automated process that occurs. 
  • Can Identify Manually? (ARC.AMI) - This defaults to checked. This allows the ability to manually flag a student as at-risk for the indicator.
  • Description (ARC.DE) -  A more detailed description about the indicator can be added here but is not required.

After the Indicator information has been saved it will display all entered information on the configuration page. The new indicator can be modified by using the Edit icon next to the indicator name. 

Saved At Risk Indicator page

Student At-Risk Indicators

The Student At-Risk Indicators page displays At-Risk Indicator information regarding the student based on the At-Risk indicator configurations set up by the District. This page also displays the students At-Risk Status for the indicators. The Student At-Risk Indicators page can be found on the navigation menu under Aeries Analytics > Student At-Risk Indicators node.


At the top of the Student At-Risk Indicators page, an overall status for the student of "Not At-Risk" or At-Risk" will display based on how they have met the criteria for the At-Risk indicators. If a student is "At-Risk" for one or more indicators their overall status will be "At-Risk".

"Not At-Risk" or "At-Risk" will also display to the right of each individual indicator to indicate the student's status for that particular criteria. 

Student At-Risk Indicator page

On the Student At-Risk Indicators page, the edit icon will allow the At-Risk indicator to be manually modified for the student. A Start Date and End Date can be set as well as a Manual Override setting of At-Risk or Not At-Risk for the student. Setting the indicator manually will override any nightly process. In addition, if manually set, the At-Risk status will need to be manually changed for the student and indicator when it no longer applies.

Edit Student At-Risk Indicator page

After being manually set, the Status and the Indicator will both display "At-Risk (Manually Set)" in red for that specific indicator.

Student At-Risk Indicator page after record manually set

The Students At-Risk Indicator page has a View All Indicators option. This option defaults to On and displays all available indicators. If this option is not selected, only indicators with a Status of At-Risk will display. 

View All Indicators option button

At Risk Special Programs Record

For Texas School Districts, If a student is determined "At Risk" by one of the At Risk Indicators a Special Programs (PGM) record will be created for the student with a Program Code (PGM.CD) of 409 "At Risk Indicator". 

Texas specific- At Risk Special Programs Record

The Special Programs record Participation Date (PGM.PSD) will populate with the date that the Indicator was flagged as At Risk for the student. 

If a Special Programs record was created for an At Risk student and the student's At Risk status changes to Not At Risk for the Indicator, the Special Programs At Risk record that was created will have the Participation End Date (PGM.PED) populated with the date that the indicator status changed to Not At Risk. 

NOTE: Setting the indicator manually will override any nightly process and update the program record based on the manually updated indicator. 

If the student has multiple At Risk Indicators, the Special Programs record Participation Date (PGM.PSD) will remain the earliest indicator start date and multiple At Risk Program records will not be created.  If all At-Risk Indicators are no longer active, the Special Program record Participation End Date (PGM.PED) will populate with the oldest end date from all of the At-Risk Indicators.

Once an At Risk Program record (PGM.CD) = 409 is no longer current, if the student has another At-Risk Indictor added, that start date must be after the previous indicators or the following warning will remind you to change the start date or if needed, edit the Special Program record to remove the Participation End Date before saving.

Default Indicators

The At-Risk Indicators Configuration page displays a Load Default Indicators option for Texas Districts. Loading default indicators will provide already configured templates to help analyze student At-Risk status. 

Texas specific-Default Indicators

Clicking on the Load Default Indicators button will display a Default At-Risk Indicators window with default indicator template options. Default Indicator templates can be selected or deselected on this page. Once selections are made click on Save

Texas specific-Load Default Indicators

A confirmation message will display asking to insert or update the selected Default Indicator templates. 

Texas specific - Are you sure message

Selecting OK will load the Default Indicator templates and display the chosen ones on the Student At-Risk Indicators page. Each indicator will have an Edit icon to the left of the indicator name. Edit can be used modify properties of the indicator template after they have been selected.

Texas Specific - At-Risk Indicators Configuration Default screenshot