Admin user types will automatically have the Aeries Analytics node in the navigation without any additional security setup.

All other users and Portal Groups will need to be given access to the Aeries Analytics tables in order to see the Analytics Dashboards and the Student Indicator Details. User accounts with permission to the Analytics tables will also be able to use the Create Intervention records button. This button is not available to Teacher accounts. 

The permissions to these tables are set up in the Security node of the navigation. Please see the Security article for more detailed information on how to set up permissions for users and groups.

For districts that have purchased Analytics, most of their users will only need Read permission to the Analytics Dashboard (DIO) and Student Indicator Details (DAQ) to be able to view the dashboards that are shared to them. Some users that will be permitted to create/update their own dashboards will also need  Read permissions to the Item Definitions (DAI) table and Update permissions to Item Definitions (DAI) and Student Indicator Details (DAQ). Users that will be able to share the tables that they created to other groups will also need the Administer option selected for the Analytics Dashboard (DIO) table. 

Admin user types and users with the Analytics Dashboard Administer option have the ability to view or edit all dashboards and dashboard items regardless of ownership. 

Security for Analytics

Users that will be running queries based on the dashboard data will need Read permissions to the Item Summary Table (DAS), Item Levels Table (DAL) and Item Thresholds Table (DAT) in addition to the Analytics Dashboard (DIO), Item Definitions (DAI) and Student Indicator Details (DAQ) tables.