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District Analysis Dashboard

Student Analysis Indicator Qualifications


Aeries Analytics is a powerful District Level Analysis System fully integrated into the Aeries Student Information System. It allows districts to choose from a variety of data inputs to determine a student’s at-risk factor for not graduating.

This system is designed to be an Early Warning System to identify students at risk of not graduating so that appropriate interventions can be implemented with the student and prevent the student from dropping out.

The Early Warning System (EWS) inside Aeries Analytics™ implements various district-defined factors and allows for breaking down each "Indicator" into 5 rubric levels. Each level can be assigned different "At-Risk Points". Additionally, the rubric levels can be custom tailored to each school and grade level in the district. It is not a one-size-fits-all system. It is very flexible.

The intent of this system is not just to provide school and district administrators access to know which students are not doing well in certain areas, but it is also designed to get this information into the hands of teachers, parents, and students themselves. It presents school and district administrators a comprehensive and customizable set of dashboards to quickly gauge the academic health of the district, school, or subgroup of students. Parents are also presented an easy to understand page for viewing what areas a student is not doing well in.

EWS, like the rest of Aeries Analytics™ is a fully web-based system and takes advantage of new technologies that provide a rich user interface and features only previously available to client-based systems.

Aeries Analytics™ Data Analysis System Features ↑

  • Unlimited # of Indicators
    • State and Local Tests with Sub Strand Support
    • Gradebook, Report Card, and Transcript Integration by subject area or department code
    • Graduation Requirements (i.e., credits completed) by subject area
    • College Career Indicators
    • Attendance Percentages and Thresholds
    • Program Participation and Student-Related fields
    • ADS Disposition, Disposition Days, and Violation Counts
    • Intervention Counts
    • Field Value Ranges
  • Thresholds of a single indicator can be customized per school and grade
  • Customized Colors and Text
  • Student subgroup analysis
  • Nightly Processing of Data
  • Analysis Dashboard View
    • Pie, Bar, and Column Charts with Filtering
    • Unlimited Number of Dashboards
    • Push Dashboards

District Analysis Dashboard ↑

After the information is processed each night, the results are quickly available to teachers and administrative staff on the District Analysis Dashboard. An unlimited number of Dashboards can be configured with a mixture of different Dashboard Items. System admins can create dashboards and push them to different groups of people in the district.

Analytics Dashboard page

NOTE: The Analytics Dashboards are intended to be used to identify where students and schools are at among a variety of data points and affect change for the students that can be helped right now, it is not designed to show a longitudinal breakdown of information over one or many years.  With that goal in mind, the dashboards only include Active students.

Student Analysis Indicator Qualifications ↑

At any time, administrators, teachers, parents, and students can view which Early Warning Indicators a student qualifies for and can see what "Score" got the student on the list. The system automatically calculates each student's Total At-Risk Points. The more At-Risk Points a student has, the more likely the student is to not graduate.

Student Indicator Page