All tests that will be used in Aeries Analytics must be set up in the Testing Control Table first.

The Testing Control Table page is located under School Info | Configurations in the navigation. This page consists of two tabs, the Testing Control Table (CTL) tab and the Content Standards (CSN) tab. The Testing Control (CTL) tab contains test identification information, such as test ID, test part, and test part name, for all tests that are stored in the Test (TST) table. The Content Standards (CSN) tab contains the test identification information for the tests that are stored in the Content Standards (CST) table.

NOTE:  District wide Test ID’s and Parts must be established for all tests including local benchmark tests. Failure to develop a uniform system may cause confusion in the results of students that transfer from school to school.  

A Limit ID dropdown can be used to limit the list to a specific test. For example, selecting the ELPAC test in the Limit ID will limit the tests that are displayed to those with a Test-ID of ELPAC.

Add a Test Definition

The Testing Control Table page will display all tests that have been previously set up. Notice in the below example, SBAC, SBIAB and SBICA each have a Part number of 0.  Part 0 is used to identify the main category when a test has several parts. 

Many standardized tests that can be imported using the Import Test Results page in Aeries will also add or update the test parts to the CTL and CSN tables when selecting the file layout. Please see the Import Test Results documentation for the specific test to find out more about this.

To add a new test or test parts click on the Add New Record icon and the cursor will display after the last record. If the Test-ID was limited it will default in the Test ID field. If a test will have several parts the main category will need to be added with a Part 0

The Test-ID  can be up to 8 characters long. Enter the Test-ID, Part number, Test Part Title and all Test Abbreviations. Click on the Save icon to save the record.

Continue adding records for all of the test parts.

NOTE:  To group tests for a specific category you must set up a Test-ID with Part 0