If the option to Update Letter Log after Printing Letters is selected, the Letter Log will now contain a record of all students who received a letter during this printing.  The Letter Log can be accessed from the Pages navigation tree.

In the example below, Letter ID of Absent 3 has been selected. The student whose letter was displayed in Attendance Letters - Printing Attendance Letters to Parents is listed as having this letter printed on 9/21/2017 by User Admin at school 994. The Yes indicates that the letter is being counted towards the sequence of letters for this Letter ID.

Clicking on the student’s name will open the Letter Audit on the right side of the form. The Letter Audit form displays a record of the attendance data that prompted the student to receive the letter.

The Letter Log contains the following options for a user with full permissions: 

  • Limit to Current Year – Will limit data displayed to the current school year only.
  • Limit Date – Will open a drop-down menu from which a specific date can be selected for data to display.
  • Limit User – Will open a drop- down menu from which a specific user can be selected for data to display.
  • Delete an Entire Transaction – Exercise caution when using this option, it will allow the user to select an entire transaction to delete. A verification message will display prior to deletion.
  • View ATT Code Totals – Will open a window containing absence totals by period for all absence codes received by the selected student.
  • Delete – This option will delete the letter for the selected student from the Letter Log. A verification message will display prior to deletion.
  • Print – Will print a list of all students who have had this letter printed based upon the options selected. Offers an option to include the Letter Audit on the report.
  • Sort by Student Name – Will sort the list alphabetically by student name.
  • Include Inactives – Will include inactive students.
  • Limit to Count in Sequence – Will limit the list displayed to only students whose letter will count towards the sequence of letters.