Grade Report Mark Verification Listing

The Grade Report Mark Verification Listing is used to verify that the marks were submitted properly. This list MUST be printed immediately after grades are submitted then given to teachers for verification. Any corrections are made on the list by the teacher. Corrections can be updated prior to printing report cards.

The report will automatically print sorted by teacher, period then student. There is an option to add a signature line for each class period.  This allows the teacher to sign the mark verification listing when verifying accuracy.  When the "Add Signature Line" option is enabled, the report will print sorted by teacher, period, then student with a page break between periods. Without the signature line, the report will print by teacher, period, then student without any page breaks. This will narrow down the pages if the report is only printed for office staff.

Missing Mark Listing Report

The Missing Mark Listing is used to list any missing grade marks for a student. It is most effective when printed after most teachers have submitted their grades before their window to enter grades has closed. This sheet is given to the teacher to alert them of missing marks. This report can be generated in order by student or by the teacher’s class, with all students in the same period. 


The Missing Mark Listing will work in conjunction with the Require Comment, Work Habits, Citizenship, and the Can Mark Page as Complete options set in Portal Options. When the Require options are selected, a Grade record is not considered “complete” until the requirements are met. A Grade record considered "complete" will contain an “X” in the GRD.TG field. Running this report with the Ignore Records Marked as Complete option unchecked will skip any records that have been marked as complete.

Running the Missing Mark Listing with the Ignore Records Marked as Complete option selected will display ALL records, even if they are marked as complete.

The following is an example of the listing.