NOTE: Recently TOMS released a new file layout for the CAASPP Student Test Assignment. We will be updating the Test Settings page to include a "Remote Testing Video Permission" test assignment and the State Testing Export Files - CAASPP Student Test Assignment export to include this new test assignment. 

Navigate to School Options > Imports and Exports > State Testing Export Files

The CAASPP Student Test Assignment option allows districts to create a file which assigns students to the proper alternate assessments, the High School Science (CAST) test, or the California Spanish Assessment (CSA) test. The data is saved into an Excel spreadsheet provided by CAASPP (California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress). Once populated, this spreadsheet can be imported using TOMS (Test Operations Management System) on the CAASPP site.

The CAASPP_test_assignment_upload-template_2019-20_v1.xlsx file must be downloaded from the CAASPP website ( and saved on the computer that will create the extract.

The CAASPP Test Assignment extract allows records to be limited by a selected date, Special Ed (CSE) students only, or students limited by a Keep/Skip query. Inactive students can also be included.

State Testing Export Files - CAASPP Student Test Assignment option

For the 2020-21 Test Administration the default student test assignments in TOMS are:

  • Grades 3 – 8  and 11 – Online Smarter Balanced summative assessments in ELA and Math
  • Grades 5, 8, and once between grades 10-12 – Online CA Science Test (CAST)

LEA’s will need to indicate which students need to take the California Alternative Assessment (CAA) for ELA, Math and Science, and the CSA. They will also need to indicate which students will take the High School Science (CAST) test in 10th or 11th grade. They can do this by importing the CAASPP Test Assignment file into TOMS or by updating one student at a time in the TOMS system.

The Student Test Assignments that students may be given are:

  • California Alternative Assessment (CAA) for ELA,  Math and Science – gr 3-8, and 10-12  (TOMS will verify that these students have an IDEA indicator in CALPADS and a valid primary disability code, or students have a 504 Plan education program code in CALPADS when the file is imported)
  • CSA (California Spanish Assessment) – grades 3-12 - the CSA is an optional assessment  
  • HS Science - students in grades 10 and 11 only can be identified to take the CAST test. Students in grades 5 and 8 and 12th grade students that have not already taken the test in 10th or 11th grade are assigned the CAST test by default and do not need to be identified.

NOTE: The Aeries extract does not populate data in Column B (Test Admin) column. 

On the State Testing Export Files screen enter a date in the Include active settings with a start date on or before this date field. This date will be used to determine if Special Ed students are enrolled in the Special Ed program during the test administration and if Spanish speaking Limited English students have been enrolled in a US School for less than one year.

Include Inactive Students – select this checkbox to include inactive students in the extract.


Limit to Special Ed (CSE) – select this checkbox to limit the students in the extract to only include Special Ed students that have not exited Special Ed prior to the selected date.

Aeries Query – select this button to run a KEEP or SKIP query to limit the students that will be included  in the extract. Multiple Student Test Assignment files can be imported into TOMS and KEEP and SKIP queries can be used to limit the students in the extracts. When a KEEP or SKIP query has been run, a red message will display in the navigation indicating that the student records are being skipped by a query.


The CAASPP_test_assignment_upload-template_2019-20_v1.xlsx file must be downloaded from the CAASPP website ( and saved on the computer that will create the extract.

NOTE: The CAASPP_test_assignment_upload-template_2019-20_v1.xlsx file must be the original file downloaded from the CAASPP website, with no student information in it. 


Once all selections have been made click on the Download File button. A file called CAASPPTestAssignment20yymmdd.csv will be created (where yymmdd are the year, month and day the file was created for). This file may open immediately on your computer, or it may download as shown below.

State Testing Export Files - downloaded file

Open the file to view the extracted records.

State Testing Export Files - CAASPP Test Assignment example

These records need to be copied from the file and pasted into the CAASPP_test_assignment_upload_template_2019-20_v1.xlsx template file. Copy the results by selecting the records, right click and select Copy.

Open up the CAASPP_test_assignment_upload_template_2019-20_v1.xlsx template file provided by CAASPP, right-click in the A2 cell of the template worksheet and select Paste. Be sure to leave the first row intact. This row must not be modified.

Excel - Paste

State Testing Export Files - CAASPP Test Assignments template with data

The template file will now have the provided header record followed by the student records. Save the file keeping it in the csv format. Import this file into TOMS.

The extract uses the following guidelines when creating the extract:

  • Column C (Alternate – CAA for ELA, Math or Science) -  includes students in grades 3-8, 10-12 where the student has an active Special Ed (CSE) record with a disability code and where CSE.PA2 = 30, CSE.PA3 = 30 or CSE.PA4 = 30
  • Column D (HS Science) - includes students in grades 10 and 11 where the student has a HSS.Y or HSS.N record in Test Settings (STS) that is active as of the selected date. 
    • HSS.Y records will populate this column with a 'Y'
    • HSS.N records will populate this column with a 'N'
    • 10th and 11th grade students without any HSS.Y or HSS.N record will not populate this column
    • students in all other grade levels will not populate this column.
  • Column E (CSA) – includes students in grades 3 - 12
    • CSAO.Y records will populate this column with a 'Y'
    • CSAO.N records will populate this column with a 'N'


NOTE: The Aeries extract does not populate data in Column B (Test Admin).