The CAASPP Student Accommodations (Test Settings) option allows the user to extract data from the Test Settings (STS) table which can then be copied into the CA_Upload_Stu_Accom_Template_2018-2019_v1.xlsx provided by CAASPP. Once the template file has been populated with the Test Settings data it can be uploaded into TOMS to update the students’ test settings/ accommodations/ modifications for the Smarter Balanced Online Summative Assessments.

The CA_Upload_Stu_Accom_Template_2018-2019_v1.xlsx file must be downloaded from the CAASPP website ( and saved on the computer that will create the extract.

NOTE:  The CA_Upload_Stu_Accom_Template_2018-2019_v1.xlsx file must be the original file downloaded from the CAASPP website, with no student information in it. 

On the CAASPP Export Files screen enter a date in the Include active settings with a start date on or before this date field. The date is used to determine which Test Settings records will be included in the extract. To be included in the extract the Test Settings Start Date (STS.SD) must be less than or equal to the entered date and the Test Settings End Date (STS.ED) must either be greater than the entered date or must be Null.  If you wish to limit the extracted records to certain students click on the Aeries QUERY button and run a query to limit to the desired students. Checkboxes to Include Inactive Students and to Limit to Special Ed are also available to further limit the students in the extract file.

Once all selections have been made click on the Download File button. A file called CAASPPTestSettings20yymmdd.csv will be created (where yymmdd are the year,month and day when the file was created).

Open the file to view the extracted records.

These records need to be copied from the file and pasted into the CA_Upload_Stu_Accom_Template_2018-2019_v1.xlsx template file. Copy the results by selecting the records, right click and select Copy.

Open up the CA_Upload_Stu_Accom_Template_2018-2019_v1.xlsx file provided by CAASPP, right-click in the A3 cell of the Test Settings Template worksheet and select Paste. Be sure to leave the first two rows intact. These two rows must not be modified.

The template file will now have the provided header records followed by the student records. Save the file keeping it in the csv format. Import this file into TOMS.