The Student Groups page will allow you to create groups of students for use throughout Aeries. These groups can then be used to limit your view of students to just those within the group for use when running reports and on various forms. A Student Group can also be shared with one or more teachers, allowing that teacher to have visibility of those students they wouldn’t normally have access to. Student groups can either be a static List of students, or they can be a Dynamic Analytics Group or a Dynamic Group based on a Student field.  In both cases group will dynamically update the list of students to match data in Aeries Analytics or the selected Student criteria. With Aeries Communications, selecting the Communications View option will automatically create the group in Aeries Communications. Note: to use Student Groups with Aeries Communications, permissions to Student Groups needs to be granted on the API Security Page for that particular vendor.

Each student group must be associated with a single school, and that school will only have visibility to their own groups, however all groups will be accessible to users at the District level. Teachers will only be able to view and have access to Student Groups that they are associated with by their Staff ID.

The Student Groups form can be found in the School Info section of the navigation.  From the Pages option of the navigation, search for Student Groups.

It is available in both School and District.  The form is available to Administrator type of accounts and User type of accounts.

Student groups can be printed individually from the Student Groups page by clicking on the Print button at the bottom of the page. At the district level, you can print either district-level groups or school-level groups individually. At the school level, you can only print school-level groups individually. 

In the Reports area of the navigation there is a report available under Student Data - Student Groups. This report can be printed at either the district or school level. At the district level, there is a school selector option available. The District-level groups will print first (if selected) then the school-level groups for the school(s) selected.

If the report is run at the school level, only students at that school will print, however district-level groups that they are a part of will be listed first, and then the school-level groups.