The Attendance Log (ATL) table in Aeries tracks all changes to attendance data. All users who enter, change or delete attendance need Select and Insert permissions to the ATL table.

Reports are available in Aeries that list the dates of data entry and modifications, the employee identification and the IP address of the person logging attendance information.  The reports also list student number, name, grade, and old and new attendance data.  The system that was used to enter the attendance is also listed (

The Attendance Log report is available for teachers to print from View All Reports on the navigation tree.  Below is an example of the Attendance Log report printed from Aeries Teacher Portal for a secondary teacher.

The Print Attendance Log report is available from View All Reports, click on Print Attendance Log.  The following options form will display.

The report can by sorted by Attendance Date or by Teacher (Name or Number).  There are various options to limit the report.

  • Attendance Starting and Ending Date
  • Period
  • Teacher
  • Student #
  • Grade
  • Absence Code Changed From and To
  • User Name
  • IP Address
  • System (Aeries Web or Aeries)
  • Change Date/Time Range
  • Include Inactive Students?

Below is a report sorted by Attendance Date in a secondary school.

Below is a report sorted by Teacher in a secondary school.