If districts have existing Custom Reports, an Import MDP Report option is available.  The Import MDP Report will display all existing reports from the MDP – Multi Data Profile tables. 

Note:  If districts have not been using Custom Reports in Aeries Client, this step can be skipped. 

To import existing custom reports, click the mouse on the Custom Report button.  Click on the Custom Reports tab and Import MDP Report option will display.

The following will display.   A school dropdown is available.   The enhanced Custom Reports are not school based so it is not necessary to import a report for each school.  When the MDP Custom report is selected, there are Schools and Share options that can be used to control who will be viewing the reports. 

It is recommended to import one report at a time so that the report settings and Custom Report Items can be modified if necessary.   The report should be printed and reviewed.

Click the mouse on the Import button next to the MDP Custom Report.  A confirmation message will display.  Clicking on OK.  Click the mouse on the Close button on the Import Custom Reports form. 

The page will display the report in Edit mode.

  • Name - of the report is imported from the MDP but can be modified.
  • Schools - will default to the type of school selected in the Import Custom Report School selection.  Additional school types can be selected.
  • Shared - will default based on the MDP options of Public Profile or View in ABI/Portal
    • If the Public Profile options is selected (MDP.PU = 1), the report will be available to all Portal Groups except for the Teacher Group
    • If the Public Profile options is not selected (MDP.PU = 0), the report will not be available to other Portal Groups.
    • If the View in ABI/Portal option is selected (MDP.VA = 1), the Teachers Group will import as selected.
    • After importing, the Shared groups can be deselected or selected.
  • Custom Report Items  - will automatically be created when importing Custom Reports.  Refer to the Custom Report Items article for more information on Custom Report Items.

After importing, the report should be printed and verified.  The report and items can be modifed for the desired results.