After the Custom Report Items and Color Layouts have been added, a new Custom Report can be created.  Click the mouse on the Add New Report option in the Custom Reports dropdown.

The following page will display.

Enter the following information:

  • Name – enter the report name
  • Color Layout - can be selected to associate to the report.
  • Schools - limit the report to the selected school types.
  • Shared – when selected will allow the report to be shared with specific Security Groups, including Teachers.
  • Report Items – previously created Report Items will display on the right hand side under the Available Items section. 

Use the icon to the left of the items to move them to the left to be included in the report.   A Filter box is available to filter the items. In the below example STU has been entered in the Filter box to limit the items to Student data.

Sort - used to control the order that the items print on the report.

After the items and sort order have been selected, click the mouse on the Save button.

The new Custom Report will now display in the Custom Reports dropdown.

Refer to the Creating Custom Report Items article for more information on Custom Report Items.

Note:  The Print button can be used throughout the process to review the results.  For example, the Custom Report Item Width may need to be increased for certain items.