The Language Assessment Management page is designed to hold various options that will allow you to update Language Assessment Data for all students. If a function is run at the school level, only students with records at that school will be updated. If a function is run at the district level, all students will be updated.  

  • Copy ELPAC Scores to LAC will copy the most recent ELPAC/IELPAC scores from the TST table into the LAC table and will display on the Language Assessment form in the English Test fields. Any information that is already in the English Test area will be rolled over to the Test History (LAS) form during the copy process if the new test id is different than the one being replaced.

  • Calculate Years in Program for ALL Students - will use the Start Date that the student entered the program and the Current Date and will calculate the number of years for ALL students that have been in the Language Assessment program. 

NOTE: The function to Calculate Years in Program for Current Student has been moved to the Language Assessment Data form. The calculate button shown below will become visible when the Language Assessment form is in edit mode.