Below is an example of the Language Assessment page in Aeries.

The following are the details of the fields located on the Language Assessment Data page. 

  • The Reporting Language and Language Fluency fields are located on the Demographics page
  • Test fields for Eng, Span and Other are used to enter initial test dates and scores. The test name drop down values come from the district Code (COD) table. The Language Designation  to the right of the test scores also comes from the district Code table
  • Home Language Survey:  First, at Home, Primary, and by Adults fields are language codes from the State provided list.
  • Initial ELPAC Result: Initial Date (ITD) and Initial Fluency (ITF) are populated when the Initial ELPAC student results are imported into Aeries using the Import Test Results page. These values are determined by the testing vendor based on the student's performance on the Initial ELPAC test. These fields can also be manually updated for students that transfer in from other districts.  
  • Important Dates:
    • US Entry is the date the student arrived in the United States
    • US School Age 3 & Up - is a date field to capture the first entry into a US school for a Title III Immigrant  student who is at least 3 years old.  The State Reporting highlighted fields may not all be required or extracted in the CALPADS files. We highlight fields that may be needed for related CALPADS reporting.
      • If a preschool student is receiving Special Education services and has obtained an SSID, populate the US School Age 3 & up field with the date the student started preschool and populate the Initial US School Enrollment Date field with the date that the student started Transitional Kindergarten/Kindergarten or leave Initial US School Enrollment Date field blank.  
      • For more information see CDE: Title III Student National Origin Report (SNOR)  
    • US School K-12 Entry is the date the student started Transitional Kindergarten/Kindergarten in a school in the United States
    • CA School should be populated with the date the student entered a California School
    • District Entry is populated from the District Enter date on the student form
    • School Entry  is populated from the Enter Date on the student form
  • English Learner Program:
    • EL Start Date and EL End Date are starting and ending dates for the student in the language program 
    • Yrs in Prgm is the calculated number of years in the program from the Start Date and current date
    • YPCalc Date is the last date the Years in Program field was re-calculated
    • Program is the instructional setting of the student
    • Curr Lang Des should be the definitive level of the student’s current designation in the language program
    • Lang of Inst is the language that is used in an instructional setting for this student
    • Eng Class Elig should be how the student would handle a mainstream environment
    • Srvcs Rcvd is a choice from a state list of the services being given to the student
  • Reclassification Information:
    • Reasonable Fluency Dt is the date a student is designated to be reasonably fluent in English
    • Redesignation Dt the date when the student was designated R-FEP
    • Code the code assigned to a student designated R-FEP
    • 30 Day and 180 Day Follow Up are follow up dates from the date entered in Redesignation Date
    • 30 Day and 180 Day Code are codes assigned to a student after follow up
    • 1 year, 2 year and 3 year Follow up are the follow up dates from date entered in Redesignation Date
    • 1 Yr Code, 2 Yr Code and 3 Yr Code are codes assigned to a student after follow up
  • Other Information:
    • Birth City, State and Country – are populated from the Students form.
    • ELAS Code – English Language Acquisition Status Code is populated and updated from the CALPADS SELA ODS import. The processing of the SELA extract will look at these fields to determine if a student needs to be extracted.
    • ELAS Date – English Language Acquisition Status Date is populated and updated from the CALPADS SELA ODS import. The processing of the SELA extract will look at these fields to determine if a student needs to be extracted.
    • LTEL – Long Term English Learner designation field. 
    • Years EL – Years as EL in a US School
    • IFEP Date - the date when a student was determined to be IFEP (Initial Fluent English Proficient)
    • User 1 – User 5 are populated with data determined by the school or district
    • Eng Lang Prof used to identify students who scored proficient or advanced on the ELA SBAC or CST for three years.
    • Comments - the comment area can be used to document any correction to the English Language Acquisition Status (ELAS) designation that may have occurred in CALPADS. Please contact CALPADS for more information on proper procedures for making these corrections in the CALPADS system

English Learner Program - Calculate Years in Program for Current Student 

The button shown below will become visible when the Language Assessment form is in edit mode 

The Calculate Years button  will use the EL Start Date (LAC.SD) that the student entered the program and the Current Date to calculate the number of years the student has been in the Language Assessment program and store that value in the Yrs in Prgm (LAC.YP) field. The YPCalc Date (LAC.DC) field will update to reflect the last time the years in program was calculated. NOTE: the Calculate Years button will only update the current student, it will not update all students' years in program. At this time there is no function in Aeries Web to calculate all student's years in program.