Various reports are available to assist with the scheduling process. Categories within the Scheduling Dashboard contain reports that are pertinent to the category. Reports are identified by the report icon before the title. All reports are also available in View All Reports and the Reports tab on the navigation menu. A sampling of available reports is shown below.

The Scheduling Course Request Listing report displays the course requests for each student and is printed in order by grade level and student name. It can be used to verify a student’s requests and to see which students have none, invalid, or too few requests. The following is an example of the Course Request Listing report.

The Scheduling Course Request Analysis report displays the total requests for each course, total seats available, seats short, total sections offered, average class size, requests per section and the actual number of students who requested the course but have been rejected. The following is an example of the Course Request Analysis report.

The Scheduling Reject Analysis Listing report displays all students who have rejected course requests. This listing includes the classes selected and gives the reason for any classes rejected. The Scheduling Master Schedule must be created prior to running this report. The following is an example of the Reject Analysis Listing report.