The Daily Medical Log stores daily visits made to the office by students with a medical condition. This information includes the student, medical condition, start and end time, start and end date and any comments. Any entry made on this form for a student will be updated into the MED table.

The Daily Medical Log, can be accessed from under Medical on the menu. 


The following form will display. 


The Date field at the top of the form will default to today’s date.  The date can be changed by selecting a new date using the calendar icon. After selecting a new date, click the mouse on Update Page.  The Daily Medical Log will now display the entries for that date.


The Daily Medical Log has a Current Initials Field. This field displays the last used Initials used to log an entry with. To select a different set of Initials to log an entry, click the mouse on the drop down arrow and select from the list. 

The Daily Medical Log has a Hide Names option. If selected, this option will hide the student name on the form. It will still display the Student ID. 

The Daily Medical Log has a Red Flag Comments option. If selected, this option will display any Red Flag information.


To add a Daily Medical Log entry select a date and a value from the Current Initials Field. Click on Add New Record. The Initials field will display the value selected from the Current Initials drop down. 

To locate a student click the mouse in the student field. Enter the student name and then click the mouse on Search Student. Click the mouse on the student name to select.

The Student ID will display in the student field. Select a Medical code from the drop down list and enter all remaining information and then click on Save. The saved record will now display.


To Edit a Daily Medical Log entry click on the edit icon. 

To Delete a Daily Medical Log entry click on the delete icon.