Security needs to be configured for the Parent Portal Group and any office staff that will have access to the School of Choice system.

Parent Portal Security

The Parent Portal security will need to be defined for all schools available to transfer to and for the Transfer school.

Parents will need permissions to the following tables:

SCD – School of Choice Decisions – Read only

SCR – School of Choice Requests – Read, Update, and Insert to submit a transfer

School of Choice – Parents Add New Students – Insert needed if allowing parents to add new students.

Field Level Security is available for the SCD – School of Choice Decisions and SCR – School of Choice Requests tables.  This will control what fields the parents can see and update. 

Fields that do not apply to your district can be hidden from parents.  Also SCD – School of Choice Decisions fields will display to parents after submitting a request.  Discuss and verify what fields should be viewed by parents with District Administration.

District Admin Security

District Admins that will be viewing, approving, or denying the request will need the appropriate permissions to the following tables. Admin security type or Administer permissions to the School of Choice Requests (SCR)  area are required for all users to view or edit the School of Choice Management page.

School Access must be granted to all transfer schools involved and the Transfer school.