One or more School of Choice Windows can be made available to parents.  Some examples of types of windows are Magnet Schools, Inter-District Transfers, Intra-District Transfers, or Children of District Employees.

The following information must be configured for each window:

  • Date Ranges
  • Options
  • Parent Portal Message
  • Parent Email Text

On the School of Choice Options page, School of Choice Request Windows section must be configured.  One or more date ranges can be available to parents.  Only one date range window can be open at a time. There can be no overlapping dates when using multiple windows.

The School of Choice Request Windows page will display the name configured in the Code Table for the SCR.RTW – Request Type Window field.  A link is available to Add or Edit the Code Table.

Enter the Open Date and Close Date for the specific window.  Several options are available for each window:

  • Display Link to Parents 
  • Allow Intra -  When selected, allows parents to select Intra as a Transfer Type
  • Allow Inter - When selected, allows parents to select Inter as a Transfer Type

URLs can be added to the Parent Portal Message to direct the parent to the School of Choice Requests page from the home page. The following URL extensions are the applicable pages to send parents to per their specific request.

For existing students use the following extension;


If allowing existing parents to enter/add new students, the following extension is needed;


There is a separate URL extension for New Parents that will be covered later in the School of Choice Parent Login article.

Configure the Parent Email text.  This will be generated when the parent creates a new request.

The Display Other Languages button is available to select a Correspondence Language and enter the translated text.