The School of Choice Options form contains important information needed for the School of Choice system.  For district system administrators, the School of Choice Options form is accessed from the Portal Management node under School Info on the Navigation Tree. 


The top section of the form will display with 3 options at the top of the page that need to be configured.

  • Aeries School Code for New Students – A transfer school needs to be added to School Options in the LOC table, if one does not already exist.  The School of Choice process allows parents to create new students directly into the transfer school.  Enter the school code in the option.  After the student is transferred into the transfer school, it is the responsibility of the district to transfer the approved students into the appropriate schools and potentially gather more student demographic and enrollment information to merge with the new student added previously by the parent (only a small amount of information is collected initially).

            Note: A Teacher record for teacher 0 needs to be added to the Transfer school.

  • Inactive Status Code (STU.TG) value for New Students -  enter a Status Code for new transfer students.  A new code may need to be entered in the Code table for STU.TG.
  • School Of Choice sender's email address - this is the email address used to send School of Choice emails from. An email address must be specified as the from email address before continuing.
  • Do Not Require Email Confirmation For New Parent Accounts   

Custom Text

Several areas of School of Choice display custom text. Custom Text allows a district to define what text is displayed to the parent when using School of Choice and supports multiple language translations.

The Custom Instructional Text box is displayed to parents when logging into the Parent Portal, under the School of Choice Requests section. The Custom Student Add Instructions box is displayed to parents when adding a new student.

Hyperlinks can be added to the Custom Text area as well as images or charts. The advanced text editing capabilities will allow a document or website link, custom images, or a chart to be added to any custom text area. When a hyperlink is added, it will display to the parent during the enrollment process as a link to click on.

To add a hyperlink to a custom text area, click on the hyperlink symbol in the custom text box.

An Insert Hyperlink box will display.

In the Web address field, type the web address of the website or document location address to add as a hyperlink. In the Text box add text about the hyperlink that will display to the parent. Text added will display in place of the web address. In the ToolTip box add text that will display as ToolTip text when the mouse is hovered over the link.

Below is an example of how ToolTip text will display when the link is hovered over in Aeries Enrollment.

The Open link in a new window option will open a new browser window separate from the Aeries Enrollment window to view the link in. This is optional.

After all information has been added, click the mouse on the Insert button.

The hyperlink will now display in the custom text box it was inserted into. Click the mouse on the Save button for that custom text box to save the link.

After being saved, the link will display in the parent portal in the custom text area that it was added to. Parents will be able to access the link during the School of Choice Request process.