To print assignment information for the students click the mouse on Gradebook Assignments by Student from the list under Reports. The following screen will display. Select the Gradebook to print. Assignments and students can also be selected or deselected to print. The option Email To Parents is also included on this report.

Click the mouse on the Options tab and the following page will display.

Select which Gradebook To Print from the dropdown. There are various options to choose from in creating this report. Select from the following options and then click the mouse on the Run Report button.

  • Report Title – the title of the report when printed

  • Report Comment – area for comments about the report

  • Sort Assignments By – sort by assignment number or category

  • Student Sort – students can be sorted by name, student ID or custom sort order

  • Show Gradebook Summary – print the summary of scores by assignment type and the overall score/grade

  • Show Signature Line- for the parent to sign and return to the teacher

  • Show Completion Checks Instead of Scores 

  • Print Only Students with Grade % Below 
  • Print Only Students with Grade % Above 
  • Page Break on Each Student – if selected will page break by student 
  • Show Assignment Comment – If selected, will print the assignment comment on the report.


The Email Assignments button enables teachers a method to communicate at any time with students, parents/guardians and contacts regarding the student’s progress on assignments.

For each student in the gradebook, it will send an email to all that student's contacts who have an active portal account and Student Portal Accounts (PWA) records attached to that student.

The following is an example of the Gradebook Assignments By Student.

Below is a sample email to parent. The email will include the report information in the body of the email, not as an attachment.

NOTE: When emailing a gradebook report to parents, the Parents / Students selection from the Hide the Overall Percentage / Trend Analysis Score and Display the Final Mark gradebook options will be used to determine whether the Overall Score and/or Final Mark will be included in the email.