A user with appropriate permissions can create a records request in Aeries. The user must have Insert permission to the Outgoing Record Requests (RTO) security area.

Before initiating a records request, the school must already have created a Student Data (STU) record for the student, and that student record must be the currently selected student in Aeries.

To begin, select Records Transfer | Request Records from the navigation menu.

In the search box, type all or part of the name of the school from which you need to request records, then click Search. From the list of results, click the Select button next to the correct school. If the Select button is not available for a school, then that school is not configured to receive records requests.

NOTE: Only active schools (per the official state directory, e.g., CDS) will be included in the search results.

The following prompt will appear. Click Request Records to send the request to the other school.