If grades will be entered by teachers via the Teacher Portal, the Portal Options date ranges must be entered. The Support Standards-Based Grade Reporting option must be selected if the teachers will be adding standards to their gradebook assignments or if the school will be providing Secondary Standards Based Report Cards. Additional options can be selected at the school level if the teachers at that school will be changing credits or absence counts in the Grade (GRD) table.

For each grading window for Secondary schools, there are options for Require Comment, Require Work Habits, Require Citizenship, and Can Mark Page as Complete. These options work in conjunction with the Missing Mark Listing report.

GRD Grading Window

SBG Grading Window

Click on the Save button to save any changes made to the Portal Options - Grades tab.


Grades (GRD)


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Teachers Entering Grades (Using Teacher Portal)  

Teachers use the Grades page in the Teacher Portal to view or update their students’ grade reporting grades. They can access this page by clicking on the Grades node in the navigation. All students for whom the teacher is currently able to enter grade reporting grades will display. This includes students in classes where the teacher is "co-teaching" or sharing the class (i.e., the teacher's number is populated in the Master Schedule Tch#2 or Tch#3 field).

A message will display in yellow indicating the period of time that a teacher can post to grades. Click on the Period drop-down to select a different period. The yellow highlighted column is the marking period for which the teacher can enter grades.

The page will change from View only to Edit mode by clicking on the Edit All Records button. A drop down listing will display to the right of the Valid Marks, Citizenship, Work Habits and Comment fields. Select the applicable values from the dropdowns.

Mass Add Values  

The Mass Add Values button will allow a teacher to quickly enter the same Citizenship, Work Habits or Comment for all students that do not already have a value in those fields. The option to Override Existing Values will overwrite any existing values in these fields with the selected values. 

An optional feature found in the Portal Options -> Grades tab is the Allow Teacher to Mass Fill GRD Marks. With this option enabled, the Teacher Grades page will allow updating of the Grade Mark during the Mass Add Values process.

The Override Existing Values check box will override existing values with the exception of the Comment codes.

In cases where there are multiple reporting periods open at the same time, which is rare, a dropdown for which mark to update will also display, defaulting to the current marking period.

Any data changes made on the page are effective immediately. When done editing or adding data, click on the Done Editing button to change back to the view-only display.

NOTE: Any data changes made on the Grades page in the Edit all Records mode will be effective immediately regardless of clicking on the Done Editing button. The Done Editing button merely changes the page back to view-only display.

A teacher may also enter grades for an individual student on the Grades page located under Student Data | Grades in the navigation menu. When a teacher edits grade records on this page, they are limited to entering only the grade records which are assigned to them, and only the current mark.