Navigate to Grade Reporting > Configurations > Multiple Mark Headings and Descriptions or select Grade Reporting Process Dashboard > A. Setup/Config > 3. Multiple Mark Headings and Descriptions. 

The Multiple Mark Headings is used to update headings that print above each mark on the multiple mark report cards. To Add a Mark Heading, click Change, select a Current Mark and enter the heading titles. Enter the title for Descriptions of Mark. When complete, click Update. Up to 12 marks can be set up.

Note: The Begin Date, End Date and State Code fields are required for Ed-Fi transfers from Secondary schools using Multiple Marks. The values for these fields can be populated through the COD table for table GRP.  Beginning Date fields are stored in B1-B12, Ending Date fields are stored in E1-E12 and State Code fields are stored in C1-C12. Standards based grade transfers are not currently supported for Ed-Fi data transfers from Aeries. 


Multiple Mark Headings and Descriptions (GRP)Read
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Add new record
Update records
Delete Records
Allows user to PUSH GRP table. Must also have Administer to PushPullSetupTables for GRP.
PushPullSetupTables (GRP)AdministerAllows user to PUSH GRP table. Must also have Administer to GRP.

Adding a School Message  

To Add a School Message, click Change and enter the School Message. Up to two messages can be added. These fields will hold 60 characters each and the data is stored in the GRP.M1 and GRP.M2 fields. Once all School Message data is entered, click Update

Pushing Multiple Mark Headings and Descriptions to other Schools

For users that also have 'Administer' permissions to both PushPullSetupTables and GRP a 'Push' button displays on the Multiple Mark Headings and Descriptions page. 

Clicking the Push button opens the Push and Pull Setup Tables page with the GRP table and the Source School already selected. Select the School(s) you would like to Push the table to and click 'Push Table to Schools'.

A Confirmation message displays when GRP records have been successfully copied to the school.