The Physical Fitness Setup form allows the School or District to set up which Physical Fitness Tests will be taken for each Testing Administration.

This form can be found in the School Info | Configurations node. Users will need permission to Physical Fitness Setup in order to access this form.


Any field that is de-selected on the Physical Fitness Setup form will be locked and cannot be accessed in the Physical Fitness Test Results form. For example, the Skinfold, Mile Run, and Walk Test below were not flagged on the setup form and display grayed-out with no access to these fields when in Edit mode. Any value that displays red within a field while in Edit mode indicates that the field is locked but contains data.

Any field that was de-selected on the Physical Fitness Setup form will not be available on the Physical Fitness by Teacher page or on the printable Roster (in Teacher Emulation) or on the Physical Fitness page or printable Roster (in Teacher Portal) during the teacher's data entry window. In the below example the Skinfold, Mile Run and Walk Test are not available for data entry.