State Requirements

Prior to updating data into the Physical Fitness program please review the State Coordinator Manual.  The Testing Vendor will not accept a file unless the Acceptable Values are correct for all student records.  The Student Data Layout displays the Acceptable Values for each test. These are the ONLY values that should be entered into the Physical Fitness Test Results form in Aeries®.

Below is a link to the California Physical Fitness Test (PFT) website which contains the State Coordinators Manual and the Student Data File Layout:

California Physical Fitness Test (PFT) Website

The Physical Fitness Test Student Data File Layout provided by the Testing Vendor defines the the Acceptable Values for each part of the Physical Fitness test. 

There is some confusion with the footer at the bottom of the page. It indicates that the Valid values must be within the ranges specified and fields with no data must be left blank. This does not mean they will accept a blank if the student could not perform the test.  A blank indicates the student DID NOT TAKE the test.

In Aeries the default for the majority of the fields is zero due to the fields being numeric.  If a Testing area displays Not Taken and contains a zero in the field this indicates the student DID NOT take this test and will flag the extract program to place a BLANK in the file for this test. This indicates to the Testing Vendor that the student did not take that part of the test.

Beginning with the Spring 2014 test administration of the Physical Fitness Test, the Not Tested and Incomplete Test reasons are no longer required by the state and have been removed from the file layout. Districts can choose to use these fields for their own in-house reporting needs.

The Physical Fitness Test Error Report will list any value other than what the State allows in the Acceptable Values column of the Physical Fitness Test Student Data File Layout. These errors must be corrected before creating the file to be uploaded to the Testing Vendor. Fixing the errors within Aeries will minimize validation errors and maintenance when the data is uploaded to the Testing Vendor’s software.

Also in prior years Districts have requested that we do not stop them from entering values that are higher than what the State says is valid.  For example, if a student completes 80 Push Ups they want to enter this value into Aeries, so we have altered the program to allow higher values to be entered than what the State accepts. In the Error Report example below, the Field Value column contains the number of push-ups that the student completed.

We show the Valid Values range according to the State and we also show the Value Loaded. The Value Loaded is the value that will be loaded into the file which in this case is the maximum value allowed according to the State's Acceptable Value.  Since we are going to only load the maximum value we consider this a Warning that we also print. These values do not have to be corrected in Aeries for the data to be accepted by the Testing Vendor, but are reported as a Warning for informational purposes.