The Aeries Gradebook is compatible with iPads, Chromebooks, Android Tablets, Windows 8 RT Browsers and Smart Phones.

The  Gradebook allows teachers to setup all class assignments for their classes. The teacher can then enter scores received by the student for these assignments.

The program will calculate the percentage of the maximum score that the student received. This will help determine the grade the student should receive in the class. Various options are available for teachers including a Rubric Grading option. Below is an example of the Scores by Class page. 

It is important that the following steps are performed in the order below for the gradebook to function properly:

  • Setup Standards Based Grades within Aeries (if applicable)

  • Create Gradebooks

    • Mass Add Gradebooks

    • Copy Gradebooks

    • Add Gradebooks Individually

  • Link Gradebooks if applicable

  • Verify and set Gradebook Options

  • Add Category Types

  • Add students to Gradebook

  • Add Assignments

  • Enter scores for students using one of the three different methods

    • Scores by Class

    • Scores by Student

    • Scores by Assignment 

    • Quick Data Entry 

Teachers can access the Gradebook area through the Teacher Portal which can be setup and accessed from any PC or tablet that has access to the Internet. The user must be set up by the System Administrator at the school district in order to have access to the files. To access Teacher Portal, type the name of the user into the User Name field and press Tab. Type the password that has been assigned in the Password field. When the User Name and Password have been entered the Database and Year fields will be accessible. Select the Database and Year and click the mouse on the Sign Ibutton.

The School field will now be accessible and the drop down will display the schools that the User Name has permissions to access. Click the mouse on the drop down arrow to the right of the School field and to select a school. Click the mouse on the Continue button.

NOTE:  The log in page may look different than the above depending on your system configuration and school access.

To access the Gradebook, click the mouse on the Gradebook node on the Navigation tree. Teachers will need to be granted the appropriate permissions by their system administrator to access the Gradebook area. The Teacher Portal Group will need Read to the Gradebook (GBK) area in Security to access the gradebook.  In addition the Teacher Portal can be granted Read to the Student Gradebook scores (GBS) Security area to allow them to view Gradebook Details and the Gradebook Summary.