The Supplemental Attendance Configuration page provides several district-wide configuration options related to Supplemental Attendance. The page can be accessed under Supplemental Attendance | Configurations in the navigation menu. The following page will display.

This page requires Administer permission to the Supplemental Attendance Programs (ATP) security area.

Supplemental Attendance to Attendance Processing

In some situations, it may be appropriate for Supplemental Attendance to link to regular period attendance (i.e., the ATT table). In other words, checking in to a Supplemental Attendance session will count the student as present in a certain period. Inversely, if the student is not checked in to a Supplemental Attendance session, then the student will be marked absent in that period.

Follow the steps below to set up the linking from Supplemental Attendance to period attendance.

Configure the Scheduled Process

A scheduled process is available to keep period attendance data updated based on linked Supplemental Attendance data throughout the day. To enable this process, go to the Supplemental Attendance Configuration page.

Check the Enable Supplemental Attendance to Attendance Processing box, and additional options will display.

Enter a value in the box labeled Enter minutes after start of attendance period to begin processing. Consider this a "grace period" during which period attendance will not be updated based on Supplemental Attendance data each period.

To limit the scheduled process to run only during a specific time range each day (e.g., only during school hours or only in the evening), enter values for the Select time-range to limit processing for... option. If the times are left blank or if they are entered as 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM, then the process will NOT be limited by time of day.

Note: These settings are district-wide and will apply to all schools that have Supplemental Attendance sessions linked to period attendance.

Your entries will be saved automatically. Once this has been completed, the process will run throughout the day, every day.

Bypass Certain Dates and Periods

If certain exceptions are needed to bypass the scheduled process from looking at certain periods on certain dates, those exceptions can be added on this page. Click Add Date to Bypass to get started.

Bypass School: Enter the Aeries school code to which the exception should apply. Enter school code 0 to apply the exception to ALL schools.

Bypass Date: Select the date on which the exception should apply.

Bypass Period(s): Enter the period(s) that should be skipped on this date. Only period numbers are required, but for readability commas and spaces are also allowed. So, "789" and "7, 8, 9" would be treated the same.

If there is an exception for both the district (school code 0) and a specific school on the same date, the periods to bypass will be combined. For example, in the setup below, periods 8 and 9 will both be skipped for Screaming Eagle High School on 12/13/2017. All other schools will skip period 9 only based on the district setting.

Exceptions for prior dates can quickly be cleared by clicking the Delete Old Records button. This will delete all exceptions for dates before today's date.

Link the Supplemental Attendance Session to Attendance Period

To create a link between Supplemental Attendance and period attendance, enter a valid period (0-9) into the Linked ATT Period field on the Supplemental Attendance Sessions page. This field only displays for schools doing period attendance.

Note:  The Linked ATT Period field is not supported in Positive Attendance schools at this time.

Flag the Master Schedule Section to Use Supplemental Attendance

The scheduled process will only mark students absent based on Supplemental Attendance if the student is scheduled into a course section for that period, and the course section is flagged to use Supplemental Attendance. To flag the section, check the Supp Att field on the Master Schedule page.

This Supp Att field will cause the scheduled process to update period attendance for all students scheduled into this section based on Supplemental Attendance Data.

In other words, all students scheduled into this Master Schedule section are expected to check in to a Supplemental Attendance Session if one is available. If there is an eligible Session (i.e., the Session meets today, and the Session is linked to the same period as the Master Schedule section), and the student has not checked in to an eligible Session, then the student will be marked absent for that period. Inversely, if the student has checked in to an eligible Session, then an unverified absence for that period would be cleared.

Scheduled Process Details

The scheduled process will evaluate Supplemental Attendance data for the current day for all students enrolled in a course section that meets on the current day and is linked to Supplemental Attendance. Period attendance will only be updated by this process if the designated number of minutes (e.g., grace period) since the start of the period has passed. This is based on the Bell Schedule (BEL) for the current school day.

Note:  The Linked Attendance Period must be defined in the Bell Schedule (BEL) in order for attendance to be updated.

  • If a student was marked with an unverified absence (usually code "A") in the linked period, and the student has been checked in to a Supplemental Attendance session, then the period absence will be cleared.
  • If a student has no absence code in the linked period, and the student has not been checked in to a valid Supplemental Attendance session, then the period will be marked with the unverified absence code (usually "A").

This process will NOT clear any absence code other than the unverified absence. It will also not change another existing absence code. The table below illustrates the process. In the example below, we use "A" as the unverified absence code.

Bell Schedule PeriodGrace Period
(minutes after start)
Current TimeCurrent Period
Absence Code
Supp Att
Checked In?
New Period
Absence Code
8:00 - 8:45108:05AYesAGrace period not elapsed - ATT not updated
8:00 - 8:45108:15AYes(blank)Absence cleared due to Supp Att
8:00 - 8:45108:15(blank)NoAAbsence marked due to no Supp Att
8:00 - 8:45108:15IYesISupp Att does not clear other absence codes
8:00 - 8:45108:15INoISupp Att does not change other absence codes

Student Room Sign-In Configuration

Check the Enable Student Room Sign-In option to allow students to be able to sign into Supplemental Attendance Sessions through the Student Portal or Aeries mobile app. A range of IP addresses can be set to restrict access to the Student Sign-In feature (e.g., allow sign-in only when connected to the school or district network).

A custom text area can be used to populate a message to display for a failed attempt to sign in to Supplemental Attendance.