Aeries displays a Resources section on a user's home page which will display website resources. This can be configured from the Update Links for Online Resource Center page within Aeries.

NOTE: This page only supports adding links to individual schools at the school level. District level links are not supported.

Resource links can be added for each of the four groups listed in the dropdown. Switching the selected group will display the links that have been added. 

Teacher - Teacher accounts

Parents - Parent accounts

Students - Student accounts

Counselors - This group includes regular user accounts and admin accounts.


The records are stored in the LNK table. Aeries account types of Users, Teachers, Parents, or Students all have access to view the Resources section on the home page without the need to add the LNK table to their security. 

Only User account types can be given security rights to the Update Links for Online Resource Center page to add, update, or delete links to the schools they can access.

ReadView only
Read, InsertAdd only
Read, UpdateUpdate only
Read, Insert, UpdateAdd and Update
Read, Insert, Update, Delete Full rights

Add Links

In the navigation menu, go to School Info > Configurations > Update Links for Online Resource Center

The page will default to view the sites for the Teacher group. Switch to another group prior to adding a link if needed.

Click Add New Record and enter the appropriate information.

Sort - This field is read-only.

URL - Enter the full URL to the resource (including http or https).

Name - The text entered here will display under the 'Site' column in the Resources section on the Home page. It will be a link that takes the user to the URL.

Expiration Date - When a date is entered, Aeries will continue to display the resource through 11:59 pm of the prior day.

Description - The comment box is used to enter additional information about the resource and will display in the description column on the Resources section. 

Click on the Save icon when finished. 

The Teacher view of the Home page displays the link added in the example above under the Resources section. The section will display depending on how the User has customized their Home page with hiding/showing available widgets.

The User view will have a similar layout and will also display with the links added to the Counselor type.

Parents and students have a similar layout and will display the Resources section based on how each user has customized their dashboard/home page. Both groups will see available links added to each type.