Integrating Office 365 with Aeries:


    Must be using a URL that is not load-balanced

    URL must contain one child directory ( NOT

Create an API Security Record and check the box for "OneRoster" in Aeries.  

Grant Read permission (unless otherwise indicated) to the following security areas:

    Staff Data

    Teacher Data

    Student Data

    Class Schedules/History

    Gradebook Data (Read and Update)

    Gradebook Scores (Read and Update)

    Master Schedule

    Course Data

Go to, login, and enter the API Certificate (Aeries API Key) and URL

Go to, create an account (if not done already) and 

    setup the SDS (Student Data Sync)

Once an account has been setup, go to

Mapping Teacher Email:

    "username" = TCH.EM

    "email" = STU.EM

Mapping Student Email:

    "username" and "email" both map to STU.SEM

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