Attendance can be entered for students using the Supplemental Attendance Data page by Admins and Users with the appropriate permissions. Click the mouse on the Attendance Data (ATD) tab.

The Attendance Date will default to today. The date can be changed to submit attendance for a date other than today. There is an option for Default Time to Use. Selecting Current Time will fill in the start and end times with the current time. Selecting Session Time will default the start and end times to the times defined for the session. 

To sign-in a student, click the mouse on the Sign In Students button. This will take a User or Admin to the Supplemental Attendance by Teacher (New) page. A User account will need at least Read, Insert and Update permissions to the Supplemental Attendance Data (ATD) security area to be able to access the page. Select a teacher from the list. Enter the student ID or student number to sign in and click the mouse on the Go button.

NOTE: To enter attendance with a hand-held scanner, click the mouse in the Stu/PermID field on the Sign In/Sign Out form with the scanner connected to the computer. With the cursor in the Stu/PermID field a barcode of the Student number or Permanent ID number can be scanned

After a student is checked in the start and end time will display and the number of minutes. The Attendance Data (ATD) tab will display students' start and stop times for the session. The Students (ATA) tab will display students' start and stop times for the session. 

The Check In/Check Out toggle can be used to determine which action is taken for the student. To check in a student set the toggle to Check in, enter the student ID or student number and click on Go.

To check out a student from a session, move the toggle to Check out, enter the Student ID or student number and click on Go.

The end time will be updated to display the check out time and the minutes will be adjusted accordingly. 

A student can also be checked in by clicking on the Green + button on the page.

This page also has a Check in ALL Students for the Selected Date button. Clicking on this button will Check in ALL of the students in the session all at one time for the date selected. 

A Print Supplemental Attendance Room Student-Self-Sign-In Sheet can be printed from this page which can be used to allow students to be able to check themselves into a session.