This article explains how to enable Livingtree integration in Aeries.

Note: Livingtree integration requires an API key from Livingtree that is unique to each customer. This key must be obtained directly from Livingtree before continuing with the steps below.

Go to the 3rd Party System Connections page in the navigation menu.

Scroll to the section titled System Connections. Check the box next to Enable Livingtree.

The following message will appear. Click Yes to continue.

After confirming, check the Use Sandbox checkbox if this is not a production database. This will change the system to use sandbox URLs with Livingtree and will force the use of PayPal in a sandbox environment so no real payments get processed.

Also enter the Livingtree Api Key. Enter the API key that you obtained from Livingtree.

There are additional options in the Other Settings section on the School Options page (as district) related to Livingtree: Enable Campaign URL and Enable Billing Gate URL. Each option can be turned on separately for Parent accounts and Student accounts.

The option to Enable Campaign URL will cause a link to the student's Livingtree payment portal to display on the Portal homepage for parents, students, or both. The option to Enable Billing Gate URL will cause a link to the student's Livingtree Payment Gateway to display on the Portal homepage for parents, students, or both. The Payment Gateway allows setup of automatic payments using a credit card or Paypal account.

Click the Update button at the bottom of the page to save the changes.

Note - Aeries Financials Services: An additional 5% + $.49 per transaction added to the standard fees for the use of this option. Aeries Financials is powered by Livingtree Give which is partnered with PayPal to facilitate electronic, secure payment processing for immediate collection of online donations and payments from fundraisers/transactions on our platform. Please also note: PayPal business accounts (which are free) are required to be able to use this option. Personal PayPal accounts are not allowed.

IMPORTANT: Never use Livingtree integration in an Aeries test/sandbox database, except with the Sandbox option. If this option is not enabled, any changes to Financials data will sync to the live Livingtree platform if the Livingtree integration is turned on with your API key entered.

Always uncheck the Enable Livingtree setting in District Options prior to working in an Aeries sandbox database, or enable the sandbox option.