Accounting Code Setup

It is likely that the same types of fees will be charged to students over and over. To make this easier, you can create codes using the Financial Accounting Codes page. These codes are saved in the Code (COD) table and are used with the FTD.CD field.

Financial Accounting Codes

For this table-field code, the Amount column is used to specify the default amount of the fee.

Additionally, click the icon in the Accounting Codes column to specify accounting codes for each school. These accounting codes are for bookkeeping purposes so that a school or district can identify how funds received through the Aeries Financials system should be reported in the internal accounting structure of the school or district. In the future, these accounting codes will be used on various Aeries Financials reports.

Course Fee Type

Similar to Financial Accounting codes, Course Fee types for courses can be set by selecting the Course Fee Type in the Code Set dropdown.