A Student Information file (i.e. Record Type=STAS) in CALPADS has specified fields that are required to be submitted. One or more of these fields is missing in the submitted file.

Things to check for in submission: Verify that the fields listed in the Fields Validated column are included in the submitted file


  • 13.01 - Record Type Code
  • 13.04 - Reporting LEA
  • 13.05 - School of Attendance
  • 13.07 - SSID
  • 13.08 - Local Student ID


CALPADS will list the missing data field on fatal errors list. Populate the missing data field in Aeries.

 See http://www.cde.ca.gov/ds/sp/cl/systemdocs.asp for the CALPADS Code Sets and File Specifications documents and the CALPADS File Specifications document for required fields.