All sections within a course must be consistent within the period block, term, and days taught in order to run the Schedule All Students function. 

The Scheduling Master Schedule Errors report will help to identify which sections are inconsistent within these fields.  

"Bl" Block - SMS.BL field 

"Sem" Semester or Term - SMS.SM field

"SplitTrm" - SMS.DY field

"Day tags" - SMS.MM, SMS.MT, SMS.MW, SMS.MR,SMS.MF and SMS.MS fields

For example, Section # 7050 for CN 1500 - Tchr Aide is an example of an inconsistent course because Section # 7050 is a semester class where as all other sections are Year long. This section needs to be adjusted. 

Another example: Section # 43 for CN 0304- English 12 CP, is scheduled with a block of 2 and only three days a week - Monday. Wednesday, and Friday. All other sections within this course are scheduled as a block of 1 and taught five days a week. Section #43 is inconsistent and needs to be adjusted. 

If a section needs to be offered with an inconsistency, make adjustments to the sections after the scheduler has been run. 

The SMS Board, Course Changes form can be used to correct Inconsistent section data.  More information is available in the following document:

Scheduling Master Schedule Board - Course Changes