The following Career Pathways tasks should be done at the beginning of the school year.

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Verify data for Office of Civil Rights (OCR/CRDC) reporting.

Student Data > Programs >Career Pathways

Career Pathways Student Information

Civil Rights

Verify data for CALPADS EOY extract (SCTE).

Student Data > Programs >Career Pathways

Career Pathways CALPADS Reporting 

If a District offers various CTE courses, can they be placed together to create a Career Pathway?  

How is a Sub-Pathway Reported?

When does a student qualify for various CTE participation levels?   

If a student is only taking Introductory courses, is the student reported to CALPADS as in the Career Pathway?  

If a student only takes a Completer course in a multi-year Career Pathway, are they reported as a Completer? 

If a student only takes a Concentrator course in at least a three-year Career Pathway, does that make them a concentrator? 

What is Pathway Code 999?    

Can a course be used in multiple Career Pathways?  

Should the same Aeries course number that is used in a Career Pathway be used for a middle school class?