The following Health & Medical tasks should be done in preparation for the new school year.

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Set security permissions for users who manage health and medical information.



Add the following codes to the code table:

  • Any additional contact codes for health staff if needed (LCN.CD)

School Info > Configuration > Update Code Table

Update Code Table

School Contacts

Configure immunization requirements.

School Info > Configurations > Configure Vaccination Requirement

How to Configure or Adjust Vaccination Requirements

How to Configure Vaccination Requirements (COVID-19)

Configure a custom wellness check-in form if using.


How to create a Student Wellness Check-in Page

Configure the information displayed to parents in Parent Portal.

School Info > Portal Management > Portal Options (Parent Data Changing > General & Medical tabs)

Viewing Data Confirmation as a Parent (Medical Information section)

Parent Data Confirmation Setup

Limiting or Restricting Parent/Student Portal Accounts

Update contact information for Health staff.

School Info > School Options (School Contacts section)

School Contacts