The following Attendance tasks should be done at the end of the school year.

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Ensure that teachers have entered all attendance and attendance notes for the year.

  • Submission Log
  • Missing Attendance Submission Log Report

Attendance Accounting > Attendance Submission Log


Reports > Attendance > Missing Attendance


Reports > Attendance > Attendance Submission Log


Reports > Attendance > Attendance Notes


Reports > Attendance > Attendance Notes Usage Analysis

Submission Log General Information


Submission Log Permissions Setup


Missing Attendance Report


Attendance Submission Log Details


Attendance Notes and Attendance Notes Usage Analysis

Reconcile the final attendance reporting period. Generally, follow the end-of-reporting period tasks.

California - Attendance Checklist - End-of-Reporting Period Tasks

Run the Students with Perfect Attendance Report.

Reports > Attendance > Students With Perfect Attendance

Students With Perfect Attendance Report

Verify data for CALPADS EOY3 extract (STAS).

Student Absence Summary (STAS) Extract


EOY 3 FAQs  

CALPADS Extracts - EOY - End of Year Files Tab 

EOY 3 CALPADS STAS File - General Information 

EOY 3 STAS - Calculate Attendance Totals Based on Period Attendance 

EOY 3 CALPADS STAS File - Other Options 

EOY 3 CALPADS STAS File - CALPADS File Layout and Aeries Information 

EOY 3 CALPADS STAS File - Attendance History 

CALPADS in Aeries Basics - Attendance History  

Independent Study AB-130 FAQs 

EOY 3 CALPADS STAS File - Hourly Calculation for Alternative Schools 

Common errors:

STAS0313 - Absence Summary Exemption Only for NPS or Home-Hospital Schooled Student 

CERT128 - Missing Absence Summary Data for Student

CERT127 - Missing Suspension Data for a student who was reported as absent due to an Off Campus Suspension 

Submit the CALPADS Student Absence Summary (STAS).
School Info > Imports and Exports    > CALPADS Extracts > EOY (Create Absence Summary File)
Student Absence Summary (STAS) Extract

Submit the CCLC/ASES and ASSETs reports.

Reports > Supplemental Attendance > Supplemental Attendance Report (CCLC/ASES and ASSETs)

CCLC/ASES and ASSETs Supplemental Attendance Report

Supplemental Attendance Reports