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The CCGI High School Graduate file is a list of the 12th grade students that graduated along with their graduation month and year. This information can be queries from Aeries, saved to an Excel document and saved as a comma delimited (.csv) file. This file is typically required to be uploaded to CCGI only once per year, at the end of the school year.


After the end of the school year, after all of the 12th grade students' Completion Date (STU.DG) and Completion Status (STU.HSG) have been updated, the below queries can be run to create the High School Graduate file for CCGI. 

  1. Log into Aeries at the District level

  2. Go to Query
  3. Copy and past this query into Aeries>Query

    KEEP STU IF ( SC = 1 OR SC = 2 OR SC = 3 OR SC = 4 OR SC = 5 ) AND GR = 12  AND ( HSG = 100 OR HSG = 120 OR HSG = 190 )  
    1. Modify the SC numbers in this portion   ( SC = 1 OR SC = 2 OR SC = 3 OR SC = 4 OR SC = 5 )  to be the schools in your district with 12th grade students that reported data to CCGI during the school year
    2. Modify the Completion Status codes in this portion ( HSG = 100 OR HSG = 120 OR HSG = 190 )  to include any Completion Status codes that signify that the student Graduated. 
    3. Remember when adjusting the query to leave a space between each variable, equal sign, and parenthesis.

  4. Run the query and close the result pop-up. There will be a red message to the left indicating that students are being skipped.

  5. Copy and paste this query into Aeries > Query (NOTE: the query must be copied and pasted into Aeries since the lowercase y's are critical to the formatting the date correctly)

    LIST STU LOC (( LOC.CC + LOC.DC + LOC.SC )) STU.CID (( FORMAT(STU.DG , 'yyyyMM') )) "Y"

  6. Run the query. Close the result pop-up. 
  7. Click on the Excel button. The data will be saved to an Excel document. Click on View Report.

  8. Open the Excel document. Update the header record to comply with the CCGI field names: CDSCode, StateID, GRAD_DATE, HAS_GRADUATED

    Aeries results:

    Updated header record:

  9. Save the Excel file as a CSV (comma delimited) file. The filename format should be:

    Example: EagleUnifiedSchoolDistrict_HGTemplate_20230620.csv

  10. Using an sFTP client, use sftp.californiacolleges.edu and upload the HG file to the hold_for_reviewfolder for processing.

NOTE: Please contact CCGI Technical Assistance for any question regarding the file or the upload procedures.